our process

New projects are exciting but can be daunting. Here is an outline of what to expect, as well as a reference as you make plans. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible.

contact us

Contact us to set up an appointment at our showroom and production facility in Iroquois, South Dakota. We are open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, so you can stop by any time. It’s best to call ahead and make an appointment so we can be sure to have the time we need to help you.

visit our showroom

We’ll take the time to show you the many options available and answer any questions you have regarding your project. You can bring any ideas or plans you already have and we’ll start putting together an outline for your project.

preliminary design and quote

If you provide us with a detailed drawing of your space, we can use that to create a preliminary layout. Sometimes the project requires us to measure the space before we can provide a drawing and quote. If that is the case, we’ll arrange a time to come and measure the space. After we’ve gathered the necessary details & dimensions, we’ll get to work putting everything together on our design software. We will send you detailed 3D drawings of your space as well as a preliminary quote for your project.

design deposit

To proceed, we will need a design deposit to continue making changes and finalize the design. This payment is usually 5% of the total project and is deducted from the final cost. After we receive the design deposit, we’ll provide dimensioned drawings and proceed with your project.

design changes

At this point, we’ll start working through any changes or tweaks you may have. We’ll work with colors, styles, countertops, hardware, and anything else the project requires. This usually requires another meeting(s) at the showroom so we can look at everything in depth. We are completely custom, so we take the time to make sure every aspect of your project is exactly the way you want it.

final on-site measurements

Depending on the scope of your project, we may need to re-measure your space. Once your project has progressed to the point of no changes (usually after the walls are built & the drywall is hung), we’ll need to re-measure everything to ensure everything fits exactly how it is intended.

final design, quote, and down payment

After the final measurements have been made and we have all the details, we’ll update your drawing and make sure all the details are included. The final project cost will be determined based on the details and options chosen. At this point, we’ll provide you with final drawings, a final quote, and an invoice for the 50% down-payment. As soon as the down-payment is received, we’ll add your project to our production schedule.


Production will start on your project after all the preceding steps have been completed and we have determined when your project will be ready for installation. Production lead times usually range from 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of the project.


When your project is through production and your space is ready for installation, we’ll proceed with delivery and installation. This will usually need to be coordinated with other aspects of your project. (General Contractor, Flooring, Electrician, Plumber, Etc.) Installation times vary depending on project size. Some will take less than a day, while others will be over a period of a few weeks or phases.


After the project is finished and you are completely satisfied, the final payment will be due.